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FAQ Crypto

During what time is money credited to the account in the member area?

Payment is considered completed after receiving 4 network confirmations and after passing through our gateway. On average, it can take from 30 minutes to one day to receive confirmations, subsequently passing the gateway takes up to an hour. In total, payment can take from 1 to 24 hours, provided the network is loaded normally.

I invested in a deposit but what does the ‘airplane’ icon mean next to the payment details?

This means that we recorded the transfer of funds to the account in the member area; however, we expect 4 confirmations from the blockchain network. Payments with such a note are considered incomplete and cannot be used for investment.

The payment received more than 4 confirmations but is still marked with the ‘airplane’ icon. What does it mean?

If your payment is still marked with the ‘airplane’ icon after four or more confirmations, it means that the payment is passing through our gateway. If this process took more than 1.5 (one and a half) hours, write to the Technical Support.

Can I return the funds sent to the deposit on my balance?

No. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility, since all funds sent to the deposit are processed straight away.

How can I withdraw funds from my member area to an investor’s external wallet?

a) On the ‘profile’ page in the ‘BTC Wallet’ field it is necessary to enter the number of the investor’s external wallet.

b) Press the red option ‘Withdrawals’ on the main screen of the member area

Attention! Until the funds are credited to the external wallet, is not recommended to change the ‘BTC Wallet’ field.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?

The request is processed up to 72 hours not including the time for receiving confirmations in the blockchain network, which can take from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

Can the withdrawal of funds be accelerated as an exception?

There is no such possibility. Funds are accrued automatically.

Can I register in the fund without a referral link?

No, registration is possible only through a referral link, which can be obtained from an advisor. If you do not know who an advisor is or how to find it, you may please write our Technical Support.

Can I transfer my account to another adviser (become a referral of another partner)?

Yes, it is possible, only provided that the account was not active, that is no transactions were made through it. In the event that at least one transaction is made, the transfer of such an account is not possible.

It seems that I have registered with a wrong link, what should I do?

a) Do not make any balance replenishment (the account should be without any transactions)

b) Write the Technical Support to inform about the mistaken registration.

The partner ‘tree’ shows ‘empty’ next to the account, although an investment has already been made by the person?

In the ‘Current deposit period’ filter, change the time period for displaying the data to ‘All period’.

I forgot password. What to do?

In the password input field, click "Forgot password Remind"

I turned on two-factor authentication but lost the phone/device. How do I restore access to my account?

a) Find the emergency codes that were sent when connecting 2fa.

b) Go to the member area with your password.

c) Enter one of the emergency codes.

d) On the 'Profile' page, disable 2fa.

e) Enter the password for the member area (not emergency) when requested.

I lost the device and emergency codes. How can I restore access from another phone/device?

Write the Technical Support and prove that this is really your member area. To do this, the following should be provided to the Technical Support:

- logins of partners of the 1st level.

- screenshots of transfers of funds to the wallet of the member area from third-party services).

- a letter from a higher adviser to confirm your identity

- a letter from invited partners to confirm your identity (if available)

If you have not found an answer to your problem, please write to us

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